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Quarterly Assessments

Van Alstyne ISD Quarterly Assessment Information
Each school quarter students in Van Alstyne ISD are assessed in order to measure the rigor and success of the curriculum.
The curriculum standards, known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), are mandated by the state. Using
the curriculum standards, teachers develop their own sequence for each quarter with direction from the curriculum director,
placing the TEKS in an order that is conducive to maximized student learning.
Areas addressed in the quarterly assessment are determined by the teacher developed scope and sequence.
A research-based test bank is used to select questions for the quarterly assessments. Assessments are delivered
to each teacher during the first week of the quarter. Teachers then have the opportunity to look at the questions,
edit the assessments, and ensure that the rigor of each question is valid.
Once assessments have been given, the data is analyzed by the teacher and questions that are invalid can be no-scored.
Teachers are encouraged to curve grades on the assessments due to the rigor at which the test is written. The data
obtained from the quarterly assessment is used to determine modifications needed in the instruction and curriculum.
This year, the STAAR passing standards were raised. In order to prepare students for the increased passing rate, the
quarterly assessments are written at the rigor of the STAAR test.
For more information about your student’s assessments, please contact his/her teacher.