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Your child’s health and well-being are very important to us at Van Alstyne ISD. There are many factors that contribute to your child’s health and well-being, and that affect their ability to learn and grow. These include having a feeling of safety and security at home, school, and during play; healthy food; plenty of exercise or playtime; and regular check-ups with a healthcare provider. For this reason, we have provided information to help you ensure your child’s access to resources that will contribute to their health and feelings of well-being. For more information about how your child’s health and education are related, please visit the CDC's Healthy Schools webpage. 

211 Texas is a Texas Health and Human Services Commission site offering information about resources for finding food, housing, childcare, crisis counseling or substance abuse treatment in Grayson County. Use the search feature to find resources, or dial 2-1-1.


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