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District Library and Media Services

The Van Alstyne libraries foster 21st century skills by providing students with flexible work spaces, ensuring a risk-free, creative work environment, and offer a multitude of resources that allow discovery, exploration, and innovation.


  • Provide the learning community resources and materials which meet the needs of each individual patron
  • Provide collaboration between teacher and library media specialist to integrate information literacy to enrich learning
  • Promote information literacy

Description of Services


To Students

  • Media center will be available to students and faculty before, during and beyond the school day, open 7:30-3:30 (elementary campuses) and 7:30-4:00 (middle and high school campuses)
  • Maintain materials in an organized and usable order
  • Maintain safe, inviting environment for students to utilize materials, equipment, and services
  • Provide orientation of available resources and easy access to those materials
  • Acquire materials appropriate to the learning styles of all students on campus


To Teachers

  • Acquire materials related to learning standards to be achieved
  • Acquaint new faculty members with materials, equipment, and operational procedures of media center
  • Prepare bibliographies, as needed
  • Schedule and plan with teachers to instruct in media center
  • Inform teachers of new acquisitions
  • Provide teacher resources to assist instruction in the classroom
  • Serve as a resource and specialist in the realm of library services
  • Provide teachers with copyright laws