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Students & Parents » Registering a Current Student for the New School Year

Registering a Current Student for the New School Year

If you have a student that was registered at Van Alstyne ISD on the last day of school for the previous year, you have a returning student.  To register a returning student for the new school year, please follow the three guidelines below.  
Step 1:
The first step to registering your returning student is to update any information the district currently has on file for your student and update any of the required forms.  To do this you can sign in to txConnect Parent Portal
If you do not currently have a txConnect Parent Portal user id, click here for assistance.
Step 2:
The second step allows the district to capture specific health information necessary to best serve your student.  
Please click here to fill out this form or go to to complete the necessary information.
If you are registering a K-8 student and have completed Step 1 and Step 2, stop here, the registration process is complete.
Proceed to Step 3 ONLY if you are registering a High School Student!
Step 3: For High School Students Only
Please download, print and fill in the Student/Parent Consent to Drug Test form
A copy of this form is available in the High School front office.
Bring this completed and signed form to student schedule pick up on the designated day and time.  Or, the completed form can be scanned and emailed to prior to the student's schedule pick day.